Alpine Electronics Now Shipping KTA-30FW Tough Power Pack Amplifier

Back September 6, 2018

Torrance, Calif. (Sept. 6, 2018) -- Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. is now shipping its first Tough Power Pack amplifier, the KTA-30FW. This compact, weather resistant amplifier delivers a sound boost to a variety of vehicles and can also be used in motorsports and marine applications.

Two models of Tough Power Pack amplifiers are being introduced, which are the 4-channel KTA-30FW and the upcoming mono KTA-30MW. A new feature debuting in the Tough Power Pack models is Alpine’s exclusive Dynamic Peak Power (D.P.P.) technology which delivers additional bursts of power during dynamic musical passages. To accommodate the extra bursts of power, the amplifier quickly increases its internal gain level and supplies additional stored current. This effectively doubles the power for short periods of time and prevents the amplifier from clipping during dynamic sections of music at high volumes. Each model measures just 9-3/16” W x 1-5/8” H x 3-3/4” D so despite the small footprint, the D.P.P. technology boosts the amplifier’s performance to 600 watts D.P.P., making it sound like an amplifier with double the power at maximum output.

Tough Power Pack amplifiers represent a new category extension, since they are the first weather resistant versions of the Alpine’s popular Power Pack amplifiers. The amplifiers are weather resistant with an IP66 rating, so they’re protected from dust ingress and high-pressure water spray. They feature high-quality, weather resistant connectors which make them a good fit for use in exposed areas such as side-by-sides, boats, open-top vehicles, and motorcycles. The amplifiers’ compact footprint allows them to be tucked away under the dash or hidden in limited-space areas, and they have connections on just one side for easy access to controls.

The KTA-30FW is available now at authorized Alpine retailers for $330 SRI, and the KTA-30MW will be available in October for $330 SRI. Visit for a store locator.

KTA-30FW 4-Channel 600-Watt D.P.P./300-Watt RMS Weather Resistant Tough Power Pack Amplifier

  • Alpine's Class D amplifier circuit with Dynamic Peak Power (D.P.P.)
  • 150W x 4 D.P.P. (2Ω/4Ω, 14.4V, ≤ 1% THD+N); 75W RMS x 4 (2Ω/4Ω, 14.4V, ≤ 1% THD+N)
  • >85dB S/N (ref. 1W into 4Ω)
  • <0.1% THD
  • 20-20kHz Frequency response (+/- 1dB)
  • Weather resistant (IP66 rating)
  • OEM-grade Tyco 26-pin weather resistant connector with pigtail wire harness
  • Speaker/RCA inputs (selectable, High range=0.5-10V, Low range=0.2-4V)
  • Sound control
  • Crossovers: Off/HP/LP, Fc=50-400Hz @ -12dB/Oct. (variable)
  • Input sensitivity adjustment (variable)
  • 2ch/4ch input (selectable)

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