VPX-B104R Visual Parking Assistant Sensor System (VPASS)

VPX-B104R Visual Parking Assistant Sensor System (VPASS)
Step Up Your Parking System

The VPX-B104R sensor system utilizes four OEM-grade ultrasonic reverse sensors for parking that are installed in the vehicle’s rear bumper. When used with an Alpine camera system, the VPASS helps guide you when backing into a parking space. It automatically detects objects behind your vehicle.

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Price: U.S. $300.00
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Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Intensified Performance

When the parking space is viewed on the in-dash screen, a three-color grid (red/yellow/green) is overlaid onto the lines of the parking space in nine zones (three each to the rear, rear left and rear right). If an object is detected in any of the zones, the grid is highlighted and audible warnings are emitted. Precise distance measurement behind the vehicle is also displayed, for additional peace-of-mind for the driver.

Easy Installation Option

The KTX-C10LP license plate frame (sold separately) is an easy way to mount the HCE-210RD camera to the rear of your vehicle. For a complete multi-view rear view, front view and side views, you can add this to the HCE-C212F multi-view front camera system (sold separately).

Ultimate Compatibility

This universal add-on parking sensor is compatible with any 2011-2012 Alpine camera system and various screen brands as well.

Cable Options

Two cables (5’ and 11’) are included with your VPASS and you have the option of adding the 16’ cable (KWE-104PS, sold separately). A maximum of three cables may be connected in a series.