SPX-17PRO6-1/2" Component 2-Way Speaker


CEA 2031 Speaker Rating:
RMS Power Capacity: 100W
Peak Power Capacity: 300W

Uncompromising sound quality

The Type-X PRO speaker embodies Alpine's no-compromise attitude to speaker performance and design. The award-winning Type-X PRO component speakers have been engineered from the ground up with the audio enthusiast in mind. They utilize advanced technologies and exotic materials often found in high-end home audio speakers to deliver dynamic sound quality with exceptional accuracy. This means you get to hear stunning musical detail, amazing lifelike sound, and incredible imaging. With Type-X PRO speakers, Alpine gives you a true sound experience in the automotive environment.

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Price: U.S. $1050.00

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"Alpine makes high quality products, but for these Type-X PRO speakers, they have taken it up a notch."

Hearing is Believing

When engineering the award winning SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO, producing speakers with uncompromising sound quality was priority #1 for Alpine. Our singular focus was developing an advanced speaker system that delivers an unparalleled, dynamic musical experience. SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO speakers allow for extended frequency response, higher resolution, and deeper powerful bass. These drivers bring out all the detail in any type of music for an unbelievably multi-dimensional sound that totally envelops the listener.

Woofer Material

The extreme Type-X design starts with exotic woofer materials. SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO speakers use a hybrid glass fiber cone, which incorporate special pressed-in cross-ribs for increased stiffness. This sophisticated design helps break up major resonant modes and opens up the true character of the material for accurate bass response and mid-range sound clarity. The patent-pending NRSC (Non-Resonant Suspension Coupling) further enhances this by further preventing resonant modes for an unrestricted depth of sound. Rounding out the woofer design is a solid machined Billet Aluminum Phase plug that prevents phase interactions of the sound waves for more focused sound.

Surround Design

These speakers can handle a lot of power and still perform flawlessly. Besides the cone material, another way SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO speakers control all that power is by using a patent-pending NBR (Natural Butyl Rubber) Multi-Roll Surround. This design and material lets the woofer motor structure maintain stable suspension integrity at any drive level without sacrificing cone area. All of this ensures the elimination of distortion for greater bass performance, better sound quality, and increase woofer reliability.

Motor Structure

SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO speakers are highly efficient, have shallower mounting depths, and narrower overall motor structures thanks to neodymium magnets. Neodymium is very expensive rare earth magnetic metal, which provides improved bass performance and power control compared to standard magnet structures. Shallow depth means these speakers fit many different vehicles for easy installation.

Frame Design

Since heat causes distortion, the strong cast aluminum frame is built to eliminate flexing or vibration and withstand tremendous heat. It contains an integral Vented Radial Aluminum Shorting Sleeve and Heat-sink (patent-pending) to help keep the voice coil cool under all drive conditions. The tinsel leads are woven directly into the spider for ultimate durability.

Radical Tweeter Technology

Reproducing crisp highs and exceptional musical detail requires an unrivaled tweeter design and the SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO delivers. Rather than vibrating a diaphragm like conventional dome tweeters, the large 1.25" Ring Radiator tweeter moves linearly. This linear movement ensures low distortion and exceptionally smooth response with no harshness or brightness. Dual suspension pivot points minimize distortion and maximize speed. An integrated Wave Guide provides optimized frequency response and sound dispersion. The back of the tweeter has a non-reflective cast aluminum tuned air chamber to increase SPL and dynamic response.

The tweeter angle is fully adjustable and gives you total control in setting your soundstage. Finding the perfect balance and imaging for the optimum listening position is easy. An installation kit that is included allows for Flush Swivel and Fixed Flush mounting to accommodate almost any vehicle.

Audiophile-Grade Network

This compact, ultra-high quality network allows for precise tuning settings for optimum sound in any type of installation and vehicle. Since every vehicle interior is different, Alpine's original phase-link technology gives the SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO the ability to adapt to many different speaker mounting configurations. It's designed to optimize the performance of the speakers in real-world installations. Six different phase link modules can tune the system for optimum frequency response, imaging, and staging no matter where the speakers are mounted in the vehicle. In addition, four tweeter levels can be selected for further fine-tuning if desired. All the components inside the network are specially designed audiophile-grade to insure the best performance throughout.

Effortless Installation

Installation is made fast and easy with a shallower mounting depth and basket design. A 5x7"/6x8" mounting adapter plate, spacers, grille rings are also included for precise fitment, so the SPX-17PRO/SPX-13PRO solution is versatile to fit in many vehicles.