SPR-17C6-1/2" Coaxial 2-Way Speaker


CEA 2031 Speaker Rating:
RMS Power Capacity: 100W
Peak Power Capacity: 300W

Loud n' Clear

Some systems can get loud but sacrifice clarity. Why butcher your music? Add Type-R speakers and prepare to enjoy your music. Type-R speakers deliver solid performance - superior linearity, efficiency, clarity, and great bass response, the Type-R speakers are the ones you deserve.


Price: U.S. $149.95
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Upgraded Design, Quality Sound Reproduction

Experience greater detail and impact of your music with the hybrid layered-pulp with mica coating woofer cone and new 25mm ring tweeter. Ultimately, get far more detail and bright and crisp sound reproduction for a great sounding, loud system.

Faithful to the Original Sound

The High-performance Linear Drive Motor structure has a large magnet that is almost as big as the voice coil diameter. Its dual radial magnet and twin gap combined with a square, edge-wound voice coil gives the diaphragm linear movement over a much greater range. This means the speaker is faithful to the input signal even during high excursion, for accurate musical reproduction and deep bass.

Superior Efficiency and Linearity

Alpine's exclusive Linear Drive design allows wider music range playback, tonal and stable balance with greater excursion, and precise speaker movement for accurate music reproduction and deep bass.

Easy Installation

Installation is made easy with a shallower mounting depth, and basket design. Choose from multiple models of both components and coaxials to fit the needs of your car.

Better Balance & Staging

The coaxial models feature a 1" swivel ring tweeter to improve off-axis response in less than ideal installation locations. You can aim it by hand for best sound balance and staging, pointing at the optimum listening position.

Smooth High Frequency

Resonance Absorbers are used to ensure "focused" tonal playback, eliminating unwanted reverberating sound.

Accurate Tweeter Control

Ultra Low Distortion Magnet Design uses extra copper and large neodymium magnet is used to create accurate speaker control, ensuring low distortion and high tonal accuracy.

Fine-Tuned Multi-Layer Cone

New shape & cone materials are used in the Type-R series. The cone uses a combination of thick top-coated varnish, special fibers and glue, and rigorous pressure testing to ensure a lighter and strong material for smooth consistent performance.

Great Sound, High Power Handling

A large flat copper wounding is used for high power handling and fluid movement during music playback. This contributes great sound and durable performance from the speaker.