SBR-S83V Type-R 8” (SWR-823D, 4Ω) Enclosure System

SBR-S83V Type-R 8” (SWR-823D, 4Ω) Enclosure System

Speaker Rating:
Max RMS Power Capacity: 300W
Peak Power Capacity: 900W

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Loud, Clean Bass That Fits Anywhere

The SBR-S83V 8” Enclosed Subwoofer lets you add deep, accurate bass to your sound system without taking up much space in your vehicle.

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Price: U.S. $249.95
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Type-R Technology

The SBR-S83V uses the same 8” subwoofer available in the Type-R component subwoofer lineup, so you get high excursion combined with high power handling. This advanced Type-R motor structure converts your amplifier’s output to low bass you can feel.

More bass, less space

The SBR-S83V is compact and very shallow (only 11 1/2” wide x 19 1/4” long x 5 1/2” deep) allowing it to be mounted in virtually any vehicle. This compact subwoofer system works well under or behind the seat of a pickup truck, in a sedan trunk, or in the hatch of an SUV.

Tuned to rock

In order to play low with minimal power input requirements, the SBR-S83V is ported. A low tuning frequency combined with an efficient, large cross-section port allows the system to play down to the lowest octaves while still maintaining excellent control and power handling characteristics.

Killer cosmetics

High-quality carpeting and sleek laminate combine to give the SBR-S83V great looks. A strong, attractive Type-R grille protects the woofer’s cone from damage, and the flush-mount spring-loaded terminals make connecting large-gauge wire a snap.

Durable construction

Unlike many low-cost enclosures, the SBR-S83V is constructed from the best materials. High-quality MDF is used for all structural components, and it is internally braced to add stiffness and durability.