PXE-H660 System Integration Audio Processor

PXE-H660 System Integration Audio Processor
Awesome Sound Quality. Period.

Get the sound you want in your car, without changing your dashboard.

Price: U.S. $249.95

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Many of the latest cars now come equipped with elegant, sophisticated, integrated dashboards which are not exactly flexible for installing standard aftermarket single-DIN and double-DIN head units. So with this challenge, how do you upgrade sound quality in your vehicle? Easy, with the PXE-H660, System Integration Audio Processor, no extraneous head unit required. For about the same price as many OEM “Premium” sound systems, you can get much better sound quality and output using the PXE-H660 along with a complete Alpine sound system.

2010 CES Innovations

Award-Winning Innovation

This product has been awarded a 2010 CES Innovations Designs and Engineering Award, a prestigious honor that recognizes the most innovative consumer electronics products. This annual competition is sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Products are judged on evaluation criteria that include engineering qualities, aesthetic and design qualities, function, and user value.

IMPRINT Technology: Hear the Difference

If you’re ready to upgrade your sound experience, the PXE-H660 is the key to adding additional aftermarket audio components to your factory system. Of course, depending on your preferences, there are various ways you can build a sound system, you could go all the way with amps, speakers, and sub, or you could simply just add an amplifier which alone, will make a vast difference in sound from the original state.

IMPRINT technology automatically overcomes the inherent acoustical challenges, and improves the sound stage, tonal balance, and definition, for smoother, natural sound, resulting in a maximized listening experience in all seats.

The sonic magic of Audyssey MultEQ® solves all this by using more than 500 control points along the frequency spectrum. This optimizes the sound reproduction to the specific vehicle listening environment with much greater precision that has been achieved up to now.

  • Automatic measurement and correction of factory sound processing, both time and frequency problems simultaneously.
  • Dynamic frequency allocation to apply hundreds of points of correction to areas where the sound problems are greatest.
  • Optimized blending points for low-frequency crossovers.

Streamlined Setup

The PXE-H660 offers a simple interface and easy-to-setup quick setup guide and owner’s manual. To get the most out of your Alpine sound system, please visit your local authorized Alpine retailer and installer. IMPRINT Sound Manager (setup disc software, remote control and microphone included) is designed to match the target sound desired by the Alpine IMPRINT specification automatically. Minor manual adjustments such as parametric equalizer, manual crossover control, and time-correction also can be made to significantly reduce the total time for tuning sound systems from days to minutes.

How it Boosts your Sound

The PXE-H660 works with any radio whether it is factory or aftermarket, to automatically tailor the sound of these sources using advanced acoustic and time correction technologies. Your factory sound system outputs an amplified, equalized and crossed over signal. The PXE-H660 accepts the factory system’s input, cleans it up, applies IMPRINT sound technology, and then outputs the clean signals to aftermarket audio components.

Keep your Factory Control

Just because you are upgrading your sound, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of your factory control. Keep the look and functionality of your dashboard, including your steering wheel controls, and features your car may already come with, such as Bluetooth wireless technology, DVD video capability, navigation, iPod® support, SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio, Auxiliary inputs, etc. The PXE-H660 also gives you control over your sound using the factory radio volume control, without losing fidelity. Leave all of your factory control intact, and upgrade to signature Alpine sound.