PVD-B102 Software UpdateSoftware Update DVD Version 2.0 For Blackbird PMD-B100/T-(Dock Enabled)

PVD-B102 Software UpdateSoftware Update DVD Version 2.0 For Blackbird PMD-B100/T-(Dock Enabled)
PMD-B100/T Software Update

Online ordering system available in US only. This DVD software update is specifically intended for use with the Alpine Blackbird, PMD-B100 & PMD-B100T only. One software license per PMD-B100/T unit. If you are not sure if you need this update, please contact customer service for help. Note: This is an application and map update, which includes various function and performance updates.

For Canadian residents, Price is $90CAD + Taxes (shipping and handling included). Please call 1-866-288-0051 to place your order.

Price: U.S. $70.00
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.


Software Version: 2.0
(Note: One software license per PMD-B100/T unit.)

Release Date: April 2008

Release Features:

  • New NAVTEQ® map database
  • New NAVTEQ POI database
  • 3D map
  • 2 map color options
  • POI keyword search
  • English, French, and Spanish (menu and guidance)
  • View traffic incidents on current route
  • Automated traffic warning messages (when incident is detected on current route) - NAVTEQ Traffic RDS™ subscription required.

System Requirements for Update
Computer/Processor: 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
Windows 2000 or XP (Apple Mac OS & Microsoft Windows Vista not supported.)
Memory: At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM
Hard Disk: 128MB free space
Display VGA or higher resolution monitor
USB Port

Screen Resolution Recommendation:
800x600 pixels required
1024x768 pixels or above recommended

Up-to-Date Map Info

Update to the latest NAVTEQ map database! With new developments, expanded roads and streets - an updated map database gets you where you want to go.

POI Keyword Search

Now search location names containing, and not necessarily beginning with, the search term.

Multilingual Guidance

View menus and guidance in English, French, and Spanish!

Traffic Alerts

View traffic incidents along your route and get alerted with automated traffic warning messages when an incident is detected on your current route. NAVTEQ Traffic RDS™ subscription required.

Improved Performance

Upgrade to improved route guidance - so you're always on the right track to your destination.

Additional POI's

Update to the most current Points of Interest database and easily find all types of destinations - restaurants, gas stations, hotels, banks, car washes, etc.

3D View

Refresh your maps with a new view - now go 3D! With new 3D mapping, view streets from a different angle - get a better sense of where you're headed.

Option of Two Map Color

Now choose from two map color schemes to display for optimal daylight use.