PND-K3msnPortable Navigation System

Features and Specification


  •  Screen Size: 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 resolution
  •  Screen Type: Transmissive
  •  Number of Picture Elements: 391,680px
  •  Illumination System: LED backlit
  •  Battery Included: Yes, built in and none removable
  •  Battery Type: Lithium polymer
Map & Database
  •  Update Method: USB
  •  Chassis Size (WxHxD) mm: 123 x 74 x 20 mm
  •  Chassis Size (WxHxD) in: 4.8 x 2.9 x 0.78
  •  Stereo Audio Jack Size: 3.5 mm
  •  Mute Output: Yes
  •  Weight: 6.3 oz, 180 g

Music Playback
  •  File Playback Type: MP3, WMA
  •  Playback Source: SD card only
  •  Expandable Memory Option (Type): SD card
  •  Memory (Built-in): 4 GB
  •  Expandable Memory Option: Yes
  •  Expandable Memory Option (Size Capacity): up to 4 GB
  •  Expandable Memory Option (Type): SD card
  •  Display Size: 4.3 inch
  •  Touchscreen: Yes
  •  Picture Viewer: No
  •  Movie Playback: No
  •  Traffic Option (Built-in/Option): Built-in to the cradle
  •  Built-in Receiver Type: MSN DirectA?
  •  Traffic Icons: Yes
  •  Traffic Event List: Yes
  •  Auto-Traffic Detour: Yes
Gas Prices
  •  Gas Prices Option (Built-in / Option): Built-in to the cradle
  •  Search Gas Prices of Nearby Gas Stations: Yes
Movie Times
  •  Movie Times Option (Built-in / Option): Built-in to the cradle
  •  Search Showtimes: Yes
  •  Search Movies Playing at Theaters: Yes
  •  Weather Times Option (Built-in / Option): Built-in to the cradle
  •  Weather Information: For various cities worldwide
  •  3 Day Forecast: For city the device is currently located in.
Map & Database
  •  Points Of Interest: 6 Million
  •  Pre-Loaded Map Database: US, Canada, PR, Virgin Islands
  •  Map Icons: User can select to display up to 8 POI icons on map
  •  Map Views: North up, heading up, 3D
  •  Map Database Update (Method): USB
  •  Database Smart Key Filtering: Yes
  •  Street Name Voice Guidance: Yes
  •  Auto-Sort Nearest Destination: Yes
  •  Arrival Time: Yes
  •  Voice Prompts: Yes
  •  Route Guidance Setup: Yes
  •  Bluetooth Type (Built-in / Add-on): Built-in
  •  Call Dialing Via Points Of Interest: Yes
  •  Bluetooth Standard Control Options: Yes, dialed call, missed calls, received calls
  •  Dial-Out Options: Yes
  •  Hands-Free: Yes
  •  Audio Streaming: No
  •  Device Syncing: Yes
  •  Navigation Type (Portable/Add-On/Fixed): Portable
  •  Charging Kit Included: Cradle with cigaretter lighter adapter USB to mini USB
  •  GPS Channel: 20
  •  Cradle Type: Cradle with windshield mount
  •  FM Transmitter: No
  •  Remote Control Ready: No