PKG-RSE2 DVD Rear Seat Entertainment Package

PKG-RSE2 DVD Rear Seat Entertainment Package
Convert your rear seat into a Fun Zone for the entire family.

If you're looking for the right entertainment set-up, look no further - with the PKG-RSE2, your backseat passengers can enjoy their favorite DVD or take on their favorite video game on any road trip.

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Price: U.S. $800.00
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

  • 10.2" WVGA Overhead Monitor with 1.15 Million Pixels
  • Built-In DVD/CD Player
  • Built-In FM Modulator
  • One pair of wireless IR headphones (SHS-N100) Included
  • Universal Remote Control (RUE-4159) Included
  • Mounting Kit (Trim Ring) Included
  • 2Aux Input / 1 Aux Out
  • S-Video Input

Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy the movie from the 10.2-inch WVGA LCD Panel –for a super wide, and super clear picture. Over 1 million pixels deliver sensational color, contrast, and clarity. The PKG-RSE2 also displays higher brightness for better viewing in daylight. So you won't miss any of the action.

Built-in DVD Player

The PKG-RSE2 is equipped with Alpine's own built-in high quality DVD mechanism, so all you have to do is just slip in the DVD, and let it play. No need to purchase or install a separate DVD player, when it's already part of the overhead monitor. Enjoy all your movies in high quality DVD resolution.

Selectable Play Options

The PKG-RSE2 has 3 different types of "play"modes to select from.

  • In Normal mode view previews and menu as you normally would, and manually select play to watch the movie.
  • Skip the previews: You can set it to skip the previews and jump immediately to the menu on start-up, and then manually select play to watch the movie.
  • Skip everything and just play the movie: Bypass the previews and the menu. Just play!

Private Listening

If you want to drive to the store in peace and quiet, but your kids want to watch their favorite cartoons, with the PKG-RSE2 you can! Rear seat passengers can hear all of the sound through convenient wireless headphones. (One wireless pair of headphones are included.)

Better Sound Through Your Factory System

With a touch of one button, have the audio playback through your vehicle's audio system using the PKG's FM Modulator. The FM modulator button is convenient for you to control.

As an alternative to an FM Modulator, use a direct connection. If you have an "AUX" input on your stereo, the PKG-RSE2 has an option for a hard-wired connection. This eliminates FM noise typically associated with FM transmitters.

The Easy-to-reach Play/Pause Button

New! The PKG-RSE2 is cleverly designed with an additional play/pause button that is located closer to the driver's seat. This means, moms and dads can reach up easily besides their shoulder, and play or pause the movie at any time. Stop playback whenever you need to get your passengers' attention.

Built-in Gameport

Expand your entertainment world. Connect a game console, and get ready to play! Rear-seat passengers can battle each other playing videogames, get entertainment no matter where the road takes you.

Additional Auxiliary Input

Got a video camera? If you've just filmed your son's first soccer game, why not watch it on the ride home. Thanks to an easy access AV port, simply plug in the camcorder to the PKG-RSE2 for instant playback. The PKG-RSE2 also comes with an S-Video Input for your S-Video compatible needs. A perfect match for the highest resolution screen on the market!

Extra Convenience

The PKG-RSE2 comes with a full-function remote control to make your life easier allowing convenient control of almost any Alpine device. Control multiple sources through one set of controls!