MRP-F3004/3/2 Channel Power Amplifier

MRP-F3004/3/2 Channel Power Amplifier

CEA-2006 Power Rating (40hm@14.4V = 1%THD+N), S/N 80dBA (Ref. 1W into 4Ohm):50W x 4

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Power your system up!

This best selling family of amplifiers offers more choices for building the right system for you, and provides flexibility and value in an aggressive design. Alpine continues to bring you mind-blowing sound performance - only the best - so you get the sound you deserve.

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Price: U.S. $149.95
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Professional installation available at authorized retailers.


  • Best Dollar-Per-Watt performance
  • The Perfect Upgrade Choice
  • Sleek Aggressive Design

RMS Power (at 14.4V THD+N, 20-20kHz)

  • Per channel into 4 ohms: 50W x 4 (0.08% THD)
  • Per channel into 2 ohms: 75W x 4
  • Bridged 4 Ohms: 150W x 2

High Performance, High Value

Want serious power for your system? While trying not to blow your budget? Go with one of the Alpine V-Power amps for unbeatable dollar-per-watt value and Alpine quality sound, along with Bass EQ for maximizing bass performance.

Clean, Efficient Power

Alpine's high-power mono amp Class-D design gives you more power, cleaner signal and tighter, deeper bass without draining your battery. Class-D provides continuous clean power to your speakers, operating at 80% efficiency far greater than conventional Class-A or B amplifiers. Translation: Enjoy cleaner bass, even during extreme power demands.

Exceptionally Easy Upgrade

The V-Power's speaker level inputs connect directly to any head unit, without the need for external converters. This makes the V-Power series ideal for upgrading factory audio equipment. High-level speaker inputs and flush mount controls make for easy installation. The units come with end caps that cover and protect your wiring connections while creating a clean, finished appearance. Step up your factory system to Alpine sound.

Cooler Amps = No Shut Down

Rugged heat sinks and an extremely sophisticated thermal managament processor that continuously monitors the amp's temperature, ensure nonstop output and stable, reliable performance.