KCE-415iRear Seat Video Interface Adapter For iPod®

KCE-415iRear Seat Video Interface Adapter For iPod®
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Another Innovative Mobile Media Solution

Introducing: Alpine's video solution for your iPod. Leave the DVD's behind, and bring your iPod along for the ride. Enjoy all of your iPod videos from your Alpine rear seat entertainment system!

Price: U.S. $90.00
(Now Available)

Professional installation available at authorized retailers.


  • iPod video to Alpine rear seat entertainment system
  • Composite or S-Video output selection
  • iPod Video function (Play/Pause, Skip FW/BW) control directly from a monitor
  • Control via touch screen TME-M770S, iPod, or Remote Control.
  • Charges iPod battery when connected.

Grab A Seat And Enjoy The Show

Your passengers don't have to crowd around a single iPod screen, sharing is possible through your Alpine system. The KCE-415i is a simple interface allowing you to view and control your favorite episodes and movies directly from your iPod, through your Alpine rear set entertainment monitors. Passengers can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The only thing you'll have to worry about are popcorn stains!

Perfect For Alpine Rear Seat Monitors

With the KCE-415i, connect to either the PKG-RSE2 or PKG-1000 rear seat entertainment package, or the TME-M770S or TME-M710 monitor(s). All you need to do is connect your iPod video loaded with your favorite video playlists.

Optimize Video Resolution With S-Video

The KCE-415i provides both composite and S-Video output, perfect for connecting to the PKG-RSE2. You can also use the composite audio output to listen to the video soundtrack or music from the iPod through the RSE system. And as an added bonus, the iPod charges while it's connected, and turns on/off with the car's ignition system.

Video Control Functions

There are three easy ways you can control the videos files, it's up to you:

Via iPod

iPod Video controls are available through your iPod even when connected. Use the click-wheel to advance through videos, play/pause, stop, just as you would when it's on its own.

Via Touch Screen

You can set your iPod aside and control your iPod videos from your Alpine rear seat entertainment (RSE) screen! Simply use the touch screen menu on your TME-M770S to play/pause, skip forward and backward, stop your videos at your convenience.

Via Remote Control

Take convenience one step further, and use a remote control, the RUE-4202 for all the same functions, just with less reach.