KCA-SC100Sirius Satellite Radio Plug and Play Interface

KCA-SC100Sirius Satellite Radio Plug and Play Interface
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Plug and play in your car!

If you haven't heard yet, satellite radio is the new way to listen to your favorite music, sports, news, talk - commercial free, clear-digital quality, and wide range of programming. With your SIRIUS plug and play device, you can get access to all this and more on the road. Hook up your SIRIUS plug and play device to your Alpine system with the KCA-SC100. The KCA-SC100 requires a SIRIUS Satellite Radio SC-C1 universal tuner or the SCVDOC1 universal dock for PnP tuners.

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Professional installation available at authorized retailers.

Control your SIRIUS plug and play from your 2007 and up Ai-NET head unit. (ex. CDA-9883, CDA-9885, CDA-9887, iDA-X001, IVA-D105, IVA-W205). All you need is your SIRIUS plug and play device, subscription to SIRIUS radio service, the SIRIUS portable dock, Alpine head unit, and KCA-SC100, for some SIRIUS entertainment. Visit SIRIUS Satellite Radio for more on SIRIUS products and subscription service information.

Control within Reach

Control your SIRIUS plug and play device right from your head unit. Use Quick Search to browse all artists and songs currently playing on all channels.

It's Game Time

Want to know if your favorite team's playing? Your head unit will display a text message if your favorite teams' games are being broadcast. Jump to that broadcast with the push of a button so you can listen to your game play by play. You can also get the latest score updates while you listen to other broadcasts.

They're Playing Our Song

Want to make sure you hear your favorite music? Like your plug and play SIRIUS device, you can get alerted when your favorite songs or artists are being broadcast. With the push of a button, you can jump right to that broadcast and catch the songs you want to listen to.

Instant Replay

This solution supports the SIRIUS Replay function, so you can pause, rewind, and replay live broadcasts - up to 44 minutes. Listen to your favorite programming again at your convenience.