DCS-BT1 Alpine Bluetooth® Hands-free Speaker

DCS-BT1 Alpine <i>Bluetooth®</i> Hands-free Speaker
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Take That Call, Safely.

Many state laws require you to use a hands-free device if you are driving behind the wheel, and with good reason. The perfect way to stay safe and still carry conversations in the car is with the use of a hands-free device. Now Alpine offers a convenient stand-alone Bluetooth Hands-free Speaker, the DCS-BT1. The DCS-BT1 can be easily clipped onto your visor, or wherever you prefer with the provided visor-clip. A versatile one-button touch is all you need to answer/end your calls.

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“I was pleased with the functions of the unit overall because anyone could use it…”

The One-Touch Activity Button


Other Bluetooth devices may be complicated to use, with multiple buttons, causing difficulty to use while driving. The DCS-BT1 features an easy-to-use Activity button. This button is used for pairing up with your cell phone, answer and end calls, and power on and off.

How it Works


Charge it. Pair it up with your cell phone. Clip it to your visor. You’re set to make and receive calls! During an incoming call, for example, you will hear the voice prompt, “Call from 555-555-5555”. Just press the Activity button to answer or end your call. You can also make outgoing calls using the voice-dial function if supported by your cell phone.

It Keeps Going


Charge the DCS-BT1 with the included cigarette lighter adapter. Get up to 400 hours standby time, and 14 hours talk time. If the paired phone device is out of range for 30 minutes or longer, the DCS-BT1 also shuts off automatically after about a half hour of inactivity. A voice prompt will also conveniently alert you when the battery is low, to remind you to charge your battery. With long-lasting battery life, stay less concerned with losing a call and enjoy the conversation.

Just Clip It


The DCS-BT1 can be clipped on many areas, including the visor. Its unique omnidirectional microphone and loud speaker design ensures reliable sound quality. Your call will always sound good, even if the visor is flipped down.

Volume Control


Just a simple twist of the rotary knob allows you to control the volume. Easy as clockwise for volume up, counter-clockwise for volume down.

Merci Beaucoup

The DCS-BT1 supports 9 languages.

  • UK English
  • US English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Mandarin Chinese

Streaming from your Phone

The DCS-BT1 can be used to stream audio from your cell phone for music playback. With a simple double-click of the Activity button, play and pause the music. The DCS-BT1 can also announce navigation guidance prompts from your phone, this means no more trying to listen to navigation prompts from the phone’s tiny speaker (feature must be supported by your cell phone).