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Enclosed Subwoofer and Component Tweeter Sets are New Additions to the Lineup

TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 12, 2011 - Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. has announced that it is shipping three new products. The SBR-S83V enclosed subwoofer and SPR-10TW and SPS-110TW dome tweeter sets are the newest additions to Alpine’s sound system lineup.

SBR-S83V Type-R Enclosed Subwoofer
The SBR-S83V consists of an 8-inch Type-R subwoofer in a carpeted enclosure. Rated at CEA-2031 specs, the subwoofer has 300W max RMS/900W peak power capacity, along with the characteristics that make the Type-R subwoofers so popular -- dependability, high excursion and high power handling.

The SBR-S83V’s enclosure is designed to enhance the Type-R subwoofer and is constructed of high-quality MDF with internal braces for added stiffness and durability. A Type-R grill protects the subwoofer’s cone, and flush-mounted spring-loaded terminals make for easy connection to large gauge wires. The enclosure itself measures just 11.5” wide x 19.25” long x 5.5” deep, allowing for various installation options. The SBR-S83V can fit in tight spaces such as under or behind the seat of a truck, in the hatch of an SUV, or even the side cubbyhole in a minivan which stores the extra jump seat.

SPR-10TW and SPS-110TW Dome Tweeter Sets
Alpine is also offering new component tweeter sets. The SPR-T10W Type-R and SPS-110TW Type-S dome tweeter sets are ideal for adding highs to an OEM or aftermarket sound system. The tweeter sets can be installed in a custom location using the supplied shallow flush mount cup which accommodates a 15-degree swivel, or used as a replacement for OEM tweeters using the provided height-adjustable mounting system. Both sets come with a removable Alpine logo badge, giving users the option to brand the tweeters or leave the badge off for an understated look.

The SPR-10TW uses the tweeter from the popular Type-R speaker series, known for its high performance and power handling capabilities. It features a new EQ ring for improved dispersion, providing wide, flat frequency response no matter where the tweeter is installed. The included external crossover is 75% smaller than previous networks and offers four levels of tweeter adjustments for precise tuning. The SPR-10TW has 150W max RMS/450W peak power capacity, rated at CEA-2031 specifications.

The SPS-110TW Type-S dome tweeter set is an efficient and affordable tweeter add-on. At just .75-inch deep, their small size allows for easy installation and versatile uses. The tweeter used an in-line crossover network that provides a 12 dB/Octave slope and is made with high-grade components for clean sound. Using CEA-2031 specifications, the SPS-110TW is rated at 100W max RMS/300W peak power capacity.

Pricing and Availability
The SBR-S83V is $249.95 MAP, the SPR-10TW is $119.95 MAP, and the SPS-110TW is $79.95 MAP. All products are now available at authorized Alpine retailers.

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