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New Active View Camera Produces Warnings for Moving Objects in the Vehicle’s Path

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 6, 2011 – To help drivers negotiate tricky situations, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. brings to market several new Driver Assist products. The new HCE-C300R Active View Rear Camera System lets consumers choose from multiple views and provides visible and audible alerts when motion is detected. The HCE-C115 and HCE-117D rear view cameras feature wide viewing angles and great visibility in various lighting conditions.

The HCE-C300R Active View Rear Camera System recognizes stationary and moving objects behind the vehicle. Using an Alpine in-dash screen or any in-dash video unit that has an RCA rear camera input, this add-on camera system identifies objects that pose a potential danger when the vehicle is backing up. Red bars form brackets around the object on the screen as a visible indicator. When an object is detected, an audible beeping alert also activates. Rather than scanning just one vantage point behind the vehicle, the HCE-C300R lets users toggle between views depending on the situation. Viewing options include Panorama (a wider viewing angle), Rear (a normal view behind the vehicle), Ground (for showing how close objects are to the rear of the vehicle), and Corner (for showing the rear corners of the vehicle with a split screen view.)

Providing great visibility in day or night, the HCE-C117D and HCE-C115 rear camera systems incorporate a 1.5 LUX camera with a 128-degree horizontal viewing angle. Both models provide a clear overview of what’s behind the vehicle. The HCE-C117D Direct Rear Camera System is designed specifically for Alpine’s INA-W910 or INA-W900BT audio/video/navigation (AVN) system (sold separately). It connects directly to the back of either AVN system, so no additional wiring is required. The HCE-C115 Universal Rear Camera System works with any in-dash video unit with an RCA rear camera input.

Also available is the HCE-C200R Multi-View Rear Camera System which can be used in conjunction with the HCE-C200F Multi-View Front Camera System to provide views behind and in front of the vehicle. The HCE-C200R offers Normal, Rear, Wide Rear, Ground Rear and Split Rear views, which are made possible with a source/view switcher and a camera image processing module. The HCE-C200F Multi-View Front Camera System (must be used with the HCE-C200R) supplies various front views for the driver. Viewing modes consist of objects directly in Front, Front Ground (to show how close objects are to the vehicle’s front) and Split Front (to show the front corners of the vehicle on a split screen). Using both systems together is particularly handy when parallel parking or pulling up to an intersection where visibility is limited.

All four rear view camera systems are compatible with the KTX-C10LP License Plate Frame Mounting Kit, made exclusively for Alpine rear view camera systems. It offers simple installation and easy camera placement, including the ability to tilt the camera up to 45 degrees for optimal positioning. The die-cast aluminum frame has a rust-resistant coating and built-in LED lights to illuminate the license plate in applications where the original license plate light bulb may be blocked by the camera.

“Rear view cameras are gaining in popularity, especially with the recent government proposal that the use of such systems become mandatory in vehicles in the future,” said Steve Crawford, vice president and general manager, aftermarket business unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “We are providing consumers with options for adding camera systems to their existing vehicles.”

Pricing and Availability
The HCE-C300R will be available in March for $499.95 MAP. The HCE-117D and HCE-C115 will be available in April and each will have a MAP of $149.95. The HCE-C200R and the HCE-C200F are currently available for $499.95 MAP and $449.95 MAP, respectively. The KTX-C10LP is available now for $49.95 MAP. Alpine’s Driver Assist products can be found at authorized Alpine retailers. Please visit to locate a retailer.

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