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The industry-leading manufacturer of automotive mobile media solutions offers three categories of speakers for enthusiasts to build the perfect system to suit their needs.

The top-of-the-line Alpine Type-X series provides a dynamic, precise sound experience in the car for true audiophiles. The speakers are available in two types, Pro and Reference, and their advanced crossover network allows users to customize their listening experience.

The Type-R series speakers are extremely versatile, with six speaker models. The Type-R speakers produce a warm midrange, powerful bass input and bright, crisp sound reproduction.

The Type-S series is ideal for consumers looking for a great-sounding yet economical factory upgrade. The Type-S speakers fit nearly any stock speaker location and their high-efficiency design allows them to easily run off of the factory amplifier or built-in head unit power, for an easy system upgrade.

Alpine speakers are available at authorized Alpine dealers. Visit to locate a retailer.

Notice: Product information is based upon current information at the time of writing, but cannot be guaranteed. All designs, features, specifications and delivery dates are subject to change without notice.

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