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Variety of In-Vehicle Camera Systems Gives Consumers Several Options to Fit Needs

TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2010 – As awareness of safer vehicle operation increases, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of automotive mobile media solutions, is leading the way to meet the growing demand with its line up of driver-assist products. Two new in-vehicle camera products – the HCE-C200R and HCE-C200F – increase Alpine’s camera offerings to four units, plus a license plate mounting kit. The camera systems are compatible with several of Alpine’s screen-based products, allowing consumers to choose the camera system and in-dash monitor that best meet their needs.

New HCE-C200R and HCE-C200F
The new HCE-C200R Rear-view Camera System with Multi-view is a stand-alone system that comes with a camera, a source/view switcher and a camera image processing module. When used with an Alpine in-dash system, the camera is automatically triggered and the rear view is displayed on-screen when the vehicle is placed in reverse. The HCE-C200R can display what is behind the vehicle in a variety of views: Normal Rear View (shows objects directly behind the vehicle); Wide Rear View (shows a wider field of vision behind the vehicle); Ground Rear View (shows how close objects are to the rear of the vehicle); and Split Rear View (shows the back left and right corners of the vehicle on a split screen). The Normal Rear and Ground Rear views are particularly helpful for towing purposes. Using the Normal Rear View, the driver can see the trailer ball at the bottom of the screen, allowing for straight back-up to the trailer. The driver could then use the Ground Rear View to see how close the trailer hitch is to the trailer, allowing for perfect alignment for a straight connection. The HCE-C200R camera is also helpful for verifying the trailer connection during towing.

Also new is the HCE-C200F Add-on Front Camera System with Multi-view, which is an add-on camera that gives consumers who are using the HCE-C200R the ability to see what is in front of their vehicles as well. It provides a variety of views: Front View (shows objects in front of the vehicle); Front Ground View (shows how close objects are to the front of the vehicle); and Split Front View (shows the front left and right corners of the vehicle on a split screen). Using the HCE-C200R and HCE-C200F together not only provides the driver with multiple rear and front camera views of the vehicle, it is also helpful for situations such as parallel parking.

HCE-C105, HCE-C107D and KTX-C10LP
Carrying over in 2010 are the HCE-C105 Universal Rear Camera System, HCE-C107D Direct Rear Camera (compatible with Alpine’s INA-W900, iXA-W404 and iXA-W407 receivers) and KTX-C10LP License Plate Mounting Kit.

The HCE-C105 can be used with any in-dash monitor system that has a reverse camera input. The small 1-inch camera can be mounted anywhere on the rear of the vehicle, and will automatically display the rear view on-screen when the vehicle is placed in reverse. An automatic brightness sensor and white balance feature help the camera deliver a quality image in either bright or low lighting conditions. With a 138-degree horizontal viewing angle and 105-degree vertical viewing angle, the HCE-C105 provides a wide picture of the area behind a vehicle. The HCE-C105 is connected to a compact hideaway box via a 5-meter long cable for easy installation.

The HCE-C107D Direct Rear Camera offers the same features as the HCE-C105, but is a direct connection for Alpine’s INA-W900 Audio/Video/Navigation Receiver and the iXA-W407 and iXA-W404 2-DIN Digital Media Receivers. The HCE-C107D directly plugs into the back of these units, eliminating the need for the separate camera image processing module.

The KTX-C10LP License Plate Mounting Kit is designed exclusively for Alpine camera systems. The KTX-C10LP is compatible with all four Alpine camera systems and offers easy camera placement and optimum viewing when backing up, as well as simple installation. Constructed from cast metal with rust-resistant coating, the sturdy black license plate frame houses the camera for a discreet look. The frame has built-in LED lights to illuminate the license plate in applications where the original license plate light may be blocked by the camera, and has an adjustable camera tilt angle of 45 degrees for optimal viewing angle positioning.

The HCE-C200R, HCE-C200F and HCE-C105 camera systems are compatible with the following Alpine screen-based products: INA-W900, iXA-W407, iXA-W404, IVA-W505, IVA-D106 and TME-S370. The HCE-C107D camera is a direct fit for the INA-W900, iXA-W407 and iXA-W404 only.

The HCE-C200R camera system will be available in March for $550 SRI. The HCE-C200F add-on camera will be available in March for $500 SRI. The HCE-C105 and HCE-C107D camera systems are available now for $220 SRI each. The KTX-C10LP license plate mounting kit is available now for $60 SRI. These Alpine products can be purchased at authorized Alpine retailers. Visit to locate a retailer.

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