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TORRANCE, Calif., Oct. 1, 2008 – As more and more states require “hands-free” cell phone use while driving, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., the industry-leading manufacturer of automotive mobile media solutions, offers a new Bluetooth® solution for in-car use. The new KCE-350BT Bluetooth Interface Module is now available to aid drivers by allowing hands-free conversations to be handled through the vehicle’s sound system. The new KCE-350BT is a fully integrated solution that works with all of Alpine’s Bluetooth-ready 2007 and 2008 model head units, including the IVA-D106, IVA-W505 and IVA-W203 Mobile Multimedia Stations™ with touch screen monitors. “Caller ID,” “Missed Calls,” “Dialed Calls” and “Received Calls” information is displayed on and controlled through the connected Alpine head unit. Pressing the dedicated “Phone” button on the 1-DIN head units or the phone pickup soft key on the Mobile Multimedia Stations picks up incoming calls. When a call comes in, other audio being played is automatically muted.

The KCE-350BT offers voice-activated dialing capability (when paired with a Bluetooth phone that uses voice dialing). The Mobile Multimedia Stations also have a 12-key input on the touch screen which can be used to directly dial a number. Another feature of the KCE-350BT is the new object push profile that allows users with smart phones to “push” their stored contact information from their Bluetooth phone to the module and have as many as 150 contact numbers stay in its memory. Then, each time the phone is used with the KCE-350BT, users do not have to wait for the phone to sync up, making start-up and interfacing much quicker and easier.

Additionally, the KCE-350BT offers advanced echo cancellation to reduce noticeable echo noise in the car for significantly improved voice quality. The KCE-350BT works with many of today’s Bluetooth-capable phones. Consumers should check with their local Alpine retailer to verify the compatibility of their phone.

“Many states are moving in the direction of requiring hands-free cell phone use in the car, if it is not already the law. Alpine’s KCE-350BT is an integrated solution that allows phone conversations to be played through the car’s speakers so consumers do not have to fumble with ear buds or other attachments,” said Stephen Witt, vice president, marketing, Alpine Electronics.

Pricing and Availability
The KCE-350BT is available now for $230 SRI at authorized Alpine retailers. To find a retailer, visit the Dealer Locator section at

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